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17 April 2018
Park-Inn, Liège Airport, Belgium
Innov'action Aerospace 4.0

You are invited to the “Innov’action Aerospace 4.0” event the 17th of April 2018 at Liege Airport (Belgium). This is organized in the frame of the Interreg project, Innovation2Market.  

Industry 4.0 is a major challenge for industrial players, especially in the aerospace sector. It means the integration of a number of technologies into the manufacturing and maintenance process in order to make it more efficient, tuneable, measurable, flexible, controllable…  

Are you looking for inspiration to prepare your process for the future? Are you a 4.0 technology provider?

Then join the Innov’action Aerospace 4.0 event.  

This event includes  

  • Conferences held by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s)
  • B2B matchmaking
  • Technical sessions
This Aerospace Day is an application-oriented and technology-focused event for professionals only. The objective is stimulating B2B-collaboration across borders between technologically innovative companies and/or research centers.In the morning, OEM’s will detail their needs in 4.0 technologies or their experiences regarding smart manufacturing and maintenance topics or their expectations regarding their suppliers’ evolution in 4.0 technologies.  

In the afternoon, with your registered profile, you can participate to B2B matchmaking and technical sessions.

By participating, you have the possibility to :  

  • Meet the OEM’s and gain a global vision on their strategies
  • Have insights in smart manufacturing and maintenance processes and how to achieve them
  • Discover state of the art 4.0 technologies
  • Make valuable contacts

Free but mandatory registration