17 April 2018 / Park-Inn, Liège Airport, Belgium
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17 April 2018
Park-Inn, Liège Airport, Belgium
Innov'action Aerospace 4.0

OEM’s will detail their needs in technologies and/or their experiences and realizations regarding the « smart » manufacturing/maintenance topic and/or what their expectations are regarding their suppliers evolution in 4.0 technologies. 

ESA-ESTEC (Noordwijk-NL) : Mr Thomas Rohr : The ESA advanced manufacturing initiative as innovation driver for European space industry.

Thales Alenia Space (Hasselt) : Mr Daniel BOURIC and Mr Elie DAWIDOWICZ :  Smart Manufacturing in Aerospace: Automated Production of Photovoltaic Arrays for Satellites.

Thales is currently setting up their production line for solar panels for satellites. It is a highly automated production line, since they are  aiming the big volumes. The solar panels will be produced for satellite programs that will count a constellation of about 1000 low earth orbit satellites. The objective is to have a worldwide internet by satellite coverage. 

SONACA (Gosselies-BE) : Mr Nicolas Steinier and Mr Nicolas Vanhille : Process Tracability / Product Tracability

In the context of a complex and multiprocesses manufacturing value chain, the process tracability is the first step to Machine learning and SMART manufacturing. Either in parts manufacturing or complex assemblies, the parts traceability is the key to track and trace the productivity and quality improvements.

What solutions to support this traceability in aggressive manufacturing processes?

What solutions to track and trace assembly business in an worldwide supply chain?

In operation, the need to better understand and better predict the behavior of a product, is a key element in improving operational efficiency and history of the product.

What are the solutions to record data in a worldwide operational context?

What are the solutions to capture environment data (loads, efforts, vibration …) in an aggressive and certified context?

SABCA (Bruxelles-BE) : Mr Gautier Hucorne :  SABCA and industry 4.0

Introduction of Sabca Group  - Industry 4.0 at Sabca : what are the opportunities ?

Safran Aero Boosters (Milmort-BE) : Mr Vincent DUPREZ : A Step towards the Future of Aviation Propulsion

SAB will present its vision of the future of the aerospace propulsion in the short and medium term, the challenges that will have to be met and the means and collaborations that this will probably induce.