17 April 2018 / Park-Inn, Liège Airport, Belgium
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17 April 2018
Park-Inn, Liège Airport, Belgium
Innov'action Aerospace 4.0

4.0 technology providers will detail their expertise and describe how it can be implemented.

SME’s of the aerospace sector will share their experience regarding the implementation of a 4.0 technology.

Technical session 1  : Robotics and Cobotics / Additive manufacturing automatization 

  • Sirris, Sven DeTroy , “Is your next colleague a cobot?”
  • VinciTech (NL), Leon Bemelmans,  “Vini - a cost effective and compliant cobot system for assembly support tasks”.
  • Citius Engineering, Philippe Hermant (Sales & Business Developer), " Space industry : robot application to improve manufacturing quality"
  • Dumoulin Aero/ARMIN (Geoffroy-Vincent Cammermans, CEO & Thomas Janquart, Manager), "Dumoulin Aero, an SME starting the 4.0 journey"  
  • Sirris, Benjamin Denayer, "Integrating Additive Manufacturing in your production environment"
  • Ekzo - FIT, Jean-Pierre Josqui, “ Example of Large scale AM integration"

Technical session 2 :  Connected Supply Chain / Internet of Things (IoT) and transfer to ERP and MES

  • VersaSense, Nelson Matthys (CEO): “The Plug&Play Wireless IoT Fabric for the Connected Supply Chain”
  • Pozyx, Samuel Van de Velde, (CTO): “Improved warehouse management with accurate indoor positioning”
  • ThingsPlay, Frédéric Jourdain, (CEO): “From Hardware to Data in real time in Smart Manufacturing”
  • Block0, Daniel Penninck, "Blockchain for supply chain"
  • Sensolus, Kristoff Van Rattinghe, CEO of Sensolus, "Lessons learned on IoT for supply chain in aerospace manufacturing"

Technical session 3  : Monitoring/Quality Control/Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

  • Oculavis GmbH, Martin PLUTZ (managing director) - "Smart glasses and augmented reality"
  • MatchID, Miguel SABBE (CEO) - "Metrology… beyond colors!"
  • V2I, Christophe Loffet (Project & Business Development Manager), "Tailor-made monitoring and quality control solutions"
  • I-Care, Olivier Dengis, How could you manage critical assets remotely? Wake-up your sensors!
  • Arkite, Erik Duyck - "Do not only Automate, also Autonomate !" 
  • Imec, Dirk Hamelinck, "Industry 4.0 for Aeronautics : can we learn from AI and VR approaches in other domains ?"

Technical session 4  : Big Data  analysis

  • Yazzoom, Alexis Piron "Machine & process monitoring in the age of big data"
  • Performance For Assets, Philippe Mol, Technical Manager, “How to turn data into actionable intelligence?”
  • PEPITe, Philippe Mack,  "Artificial intelligence in manufacturing - challenges and opportunities."
  • B12 Consulting, Vincent Boucher, "Machine learning, real business cases"